Casa Mia

Casa Mia

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Hello out there!

Dear Followers, Fellow Bloggers, Friends, Relatives, Browsers, and Search Engine Optimizers,

If you are reading this, I now know you are out there still so I think it's time to explain the whole blog concept to you all. I share a topic (in this case my recipes), and spend a lot of time coming up with the appropriate recipes, photos and obviously the whole story behind them. You, in return, either keep coming back to find out all these secrets about me and my crazy family or because you like to cook and try new recipes.  You can give the recipes to someone you know who likes to cook or you can cook them yourself to show off to your friends and family. Whatever your motive, I'm not looking for royalties, or a by-line or even a formal "thank you" in return but, as is the purpose of a blog, I would like to hear from you now and then. If I post a survey, how about giving me an answer? And posting a comment isn't as tough as it looks - just click on the "0 Comments" link at the end of the post and a page will open with no comments displayed and a form where you can tell me what you think of me or the recipe you tried out. SNAP!

I've been having fun with this blog but lately, I'm feeling lonely. Since I've pretty much borrowed the entire concept from Julie and Julia, I might as well quote her: Hello? Is anyone out there?

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  1. Love your new post Val!!! I love artichokes, often order them out when they are offered on a menu in a yummy Italian restaurant. I am somewhat intimidated by the thought of cooking an artichoke. I typically open a jar of hearts and dump in a salad;) I may be brave and try your recipe for mother’s day. My mom LOVES artichokes!!